What is the maximum limit in Pocketly? Pocketly Loan Limit

Pocketly app is one of the best personal loan apps in India that provides instant financial assistance to those with small financial needs. Being a top-rated loan app most borrowers prefer to choose this app.

Here you will get detailed information about the Pocketly Loan Limit, What is the Pocketly Maximum Limit and What is the Pocketly minimum loan amount.

What is the maximum limit in Pocketly?

Pocketly offers a maximum loan amount of ₹50,000. This is the Pocketly app maximum limit that you can avail as an eligible borrower. To avail of the Pocketly Maximum Limit you must meet the eligibility criteria and have all the required documents.

What is the Pocketly minimum loan amount?

Many times people suddenly need some money for their small needs. To meet people’s small needs, Pocketly offers loans as low as ₹500. If you need a minimum of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 for recharging your mobile, making bill payments, or any other important work then you can take this amount from the Pocketly app which is the best option for minimum loan requirements.

Conclusion – Pocketly Loan Limit

Lastly, the Pocketly app offers a convenient loan limit for personal loans, with the Pocketly app you can avail of a personal loan up to a maximum of ₹50,000 INR and as little as ₹500 INR to meet the small requirements. Whether your need is small or big, get a loan from Rs 500 to Rs 50,000 from Pocketly App.

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