Payrupik loan app review: real or fake, safe or not, RBI registered

Do you want to apply for a personal loan from the Payrupik app? Here is a Payrupik loan app review: this includes the maximum loan limit, eligibility criteria, interest rates, privacy, and more.

Payrupik is an instant personal loan app trusted by over 5 million users and provides instant credit in minutes.

If you want to apply for an instant personal loan from the Payrupik app, check out the pros and cons of this platform, whether it is safe or not, approved by RBI or not, and much more.

Payrupik loan app review (Personal Loan)

Payrupik AppPersonal Loan Details
Maximum Loan₹1,500 to ₹25,000
Rate of interest29% per annum
Loan tenureup to 120 days
Processing fee10%+ GST
Loan disbursementwithin 15 minutes

According to the official site of Payrupik, Payrupik is an instant personal loan app of RBI-registered NBFC Sayyam Investment Private Limited. The PayRupik app offers instant personal loans ranging from ₹1,000 to a maximum of ₹20,000 within 15 minutes to 24 hours of submitting your application.

Payrupik Personal Loan interest rates start from 29% per annum with processing fees (Single term: 10%, 2nd EMI: 5% * 2 3rd EMI: 5% * 3, Salary Loan: 10%) deducted upfront from the loan amount.

The maximum tenure of a Payrupik personal loan is 120 days. The Payrupik loan application process is 100% online through the app and the web, quick, and efficient, with no paperwork or hassles.

Payrupik loan eligibility criteria

There is a minimum eligibility criteria for the Payrupik personal loan, to be eligible you must be;

  • Must be an Indian citizen.
  • Age should be between 21 to 80 years.
  • Annual household income should be Rs 3,00,000 or more.
  • The minimum CIBIL score should be 750.

Payrupik loan Required documents

Payrupik offers paperless loan processing that allows you to apply for a personal loan instantly without extensive documentation.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Valid PAN Card
  • Aadhar-linked mobile number
  • Bank account
  • A selfie

You can download the Payrupik loan app from both the Google Play Store and App Store using the following link:

Payrupik loan customer care number

For any assistance or inquiries regarding your Payrupik personal loan, you can reach their customer care through the following contact details:


In conclusion, The Payrupik loan app is RBI-approved which means the Payrupik loan app is safe and secure. It offers quick and hassle-free personal loans up to 25,000 rupees at a competitive interest rate of 29% P.A. The loan tenure is a maximum of 120 days making it a viable option for short-term financial needs. The Payrupik loan app is trusted by over 5 million users and 4Lakh+ Active Users.


Is the Payrupik loan app RBI registered or not?

Yes, the PayRupik app is registered and approved by RBI. It is a loan platform of Sayyam Investment Private Limited, a non-banking financial institution (NBFC) registered by RBI under the Companies Act, of 1956. Can ensure the clarity and reliability of the PayRupik loan.

Is the Payrupik loan app fake or real?

PayRupik is a trusted and genuine loan app trusted by more than 5 million users. The app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. The loan amount is disbursed within 15 minutes to 24 hours of applying. The customer service is excellent, polite, and helpful.

Is the Payrupik loan app safe or not?

Yes, Payrupik is a secure app. Payrupik says that users’ data is safe. The data is transferred over a secure connection to facilitate the service as per their privacy policy. The important factor: Payrupik is RBI registered.

What is the Payrupik loan interest rate?

The Payrupik loan interest rate is 29% per annum.

What is the Payrupik loan limit?

The Payrupik loan limit ranges from ₹1,500 to ₹25,000.

What is the Payrupik loan approval time?

The Payrupik loan approval time ranges from 15 minutes to 24 hours after submitting the online loan application.

What happens if I don’t pay my PayRupik loan?

If you don’t repay your Payrupik loan, the penalty charge will be applied daily on the overdue amount, PayRupik may initiate collection actions, continued non-payment may lead to legal action and your credit score will be marked as a defaulter.

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